Quality and Certifications

Whoever uses a Schnell machine knows he gets an innovative and reliable product of quality. 

The process leading to the birth of a new machine is very strict and requires prolonged internal tests and test periods for particularly demanding customers
The new models enter the market only if they pass these tests, but it is not enough!
Our aim is to constantly improve the reliability and performance of our products

ISO 9001

This is why in 2007 Schnell has obtained the ISO 9001 quality system Certification, from the prestigious Institution TÜV Italy: our quality Dept. listens to the suggestions of customers, to the information of our technical assistance engineers and sales team and works on our products improvement. 

To better exemplify these concepts, the company publishes the following extract from its Corporate Quality Policy:

“Quality is the point of reference to involve the efforts of the whole company to achieve high quality standards; improving both customer satisfaction and business efficiency". 


In 2013, Schnell also obtains the Certification of Authorized Economic Operator Full (AEOF) in its most complete version: Customs Simplification and Safety. 

The immediate benefits arising are the speed in carrying out customs formalities, the reduction of inspections, security facilitations, better relations with the customs authorities and the mutual recognition with other programs of reliability and safety of Third countries.

Environment Friendly Innovation Award

In 2009 Legambiente has assigned Schnell the “Environment Friendly Innovation Award” for having introduced innovations in accordance with the policies of the Green Economy. The award was given for the introduction of SPIREX, whose use has led to a considerable reduction of environmental pollution and significant energy savings.